140415 Jinyoung – “Idol-Actors/Idol-Actresses, Going to Various Casts”

Jinyoung in “Miss granny”

For the 20s-30s audiences, it is not B1A4 Jinyoung’s face which is familiar. Rather than that, the other group member, Baro, who appeared in ‘Reply 1994’ is more well-known among the public. But, if we consider Jinyoung’s position in B1A4, then I will not wonder why he got casted for the role of Ban Ji Ha in ‘Miss Granny’.

Ban Ji Ha is a leader of unpopular band and he is also in charge in writing the band’s songs. He sings with his discolored yellowish hair and pure white make-up on his face. In fact, Jinyoung has composed most of B1A4’s songs. Hit tracks, such as; ‘What’s Happening?’ and ‘Lonely’ were also born from his mind.

For Jinyoung, although it was not a big role, but to be casted into the movie, it had been such a fortunate job. It is not lije we directly get to play a wishful character since the beginning, instead, we start from a supporting cast and we’ll be on that top state step by step. Now, we just need to look into Jinyoung who moves one step further, raising his skill.

source: starm
translated by: eobguna @ AVIATEB1A4
Take out with full credits to ther source and translator


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