140421 The reason behind Apink’s “We’re closer to B1A4 than to Girl’s Day”

Apink is the real example that even different groups have the opportunity to own the stage while making new friends. At the end of last year, Apink stood up and alternated performing on stage with Girl’s Day, who is well-known as Apink’s rival, at SBS ‘Gayo Daejun’.
However, they told us that it’s hard to get close with Girl’s Day. They even shared all the information about their concepts, the appearance they emphasized, or how they decorated the stage, but their concept is just totally different.
But, they said that they got close with B1A4, who performed the love song medley stage together with them at MBC ‘Gayo Daejejun’, since the first time they talked.
Park Chorong: “Since our debut, we’ve been on the stage together with B1A4 for five times, until now. We also did the street event together, but only at last year’s end, we talked for the first time.” She said, “We spent our times together practicing last year for Christmas Eve. Those guys really had the sense to even write ‘Let’s eat it together’ on a cake. We got close because we ate the cake together.”
And then, “We asked each other, like, ‘How old are you?’, ‘What are you doing lately?’ We also asked, ‘Didn’t the performance last time stop you (to perform with us)?’ but, at the end we did lots of performances together.”
“When we were all just rookies and both team had to stand on the same stage together, we barely said even a word to each other. Now, we would just greet each other comfortably.”

source: tvdaily
translated by: eobguna @ AVIATEB1A4
Take out with full credit to the source and translator


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