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Real man blood type B rapper, Baro
Q. As a blood type B, you must dislike getting restricted.
Baro: Absolute rejection. (laugh) I always want to be carefree. Even at home, my parents would not interfere so long I kept my promises. I worked hard when I needed to, and I played hard when I played. In that process, I learnt that any mistakes I make are all my responsibilities, so naturally I don't show acts of defiance or breakaway.

Q. Even though, what is a breakaway you want to experience right now?
Baro: I want to travel around the world at least once. But because I dislike noisy places, I want to go with a friend to a quiet and secluded country and hopefully pick up something from being there. Other than get-togethers, I do not enjoy places with many people.

Q. That's a surprise. Last time when we met at the Golden Disk Awards and today when you approached us with Sandeul to give us donut twists, I thought that you would like having a lot of people around you.
Baro: To be honest, I am not very affable. I just work hard to be so.

Q. You are also working hard as the maknae at the filming grounds of drama 'God's Gift – 14 Days' right?
Baro: I haven't had much filming so far so there has been no chance to get close to seniors in Lee Boyoung and Jo Seungwoo. On the contrary the seniors are very considerate to me.
I also listen to their advice on acting. Since 'Younggyu' is someone who has an intellectual disability, I was able to ask senior Jo Seungwoo about his experience in the movie 'Marathon'.

Q. The appraisal of your acting has generally been positive.
Baro: I've always wanted to do acting since I was young. But at the beginning of Reply 1994, I was really a mess. (laugh) It was not me who did well, but rather the seniors were good at leading the flow and I just rode on it slightly. If I were the leading character and I had to lead the flow for an hour… Sigh, I don't even have an answer for that.

Q. They say that for blood type Bs, actions are faster than your words. Do you agree?
Baro: That's why there are times that I have been scolded. (laugh)
Ceci: For example?
Baro: Whenever I go out with my friends to play on a day where there's a schedule the next day, I have the confidence to not be tired but people around me are worried. And the next day I am eventually tired but I would hold it in and end the day. I'm not saying that I did that, but as an example. (laugh)

Q. They say that men with blood type B easily become obsessed with something. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Baro: I do. But I will not say it rashly. Because it is important to find out what kind of person the other party is. If it's someone who I feel that I can actually fall in love at first sight with, then I will probably confess.
Ceci: Are you the type that goes all the way in confessing?
Baro: I will hold it in and then explode. (laugh)

Q. There are 2 things that blood type Bs are quick in. Sensing and giving up.
Baro: I am really quick at sensing things. The members all say that I am slow on the uptake, but I'm just not showing it. If it's not something that brings about harm to others, I'll just close my eyes. No matter what situation I'm in, I am quick to judge and quick to give up too.

Q. There is something that is fast not only to blood type Bs but to everyone. Time. B1A4 is in your fourth year of promotions.
Baro: The responsibility has grown. It has made us look further into the future. Not long ago we held our second solo concert. If the goal of our first concert was to show more sides to us, this time the heart to enjoy the time was bigger. Because now the fans know all about us, and we know them. But being touched remained all the same.

Q. It has also been some time since the members started to live in a dormitory together. Who is your current roommate?
Baro: Our manager hyung. On the day we moved, I had a personal schedule so I could not pack my things and my room was hence automatically decided for me. (laugh)

Q. What is something that happens frequently in the dormitory these days?
Baro: A soccer game with the bet of who will buy chicken or ramyeon. Everyone lives for eating supper. (laugh)

Q. The dormitory might be good, but don't you want to go to your hometown? You're probably a star in Gwangju.
Baro: What are you saying. There's seniors U-Know Yunho and Seungri for that. But people do recognize me after the drama.
Ceci: What's the charm of Gwangju men?
Baro: On the outside we are blunt but on the inside we are caring and considerate? But girls don't seem to know that. Ah! Not too long ago, a new baseball stadium was built in Gwangju. It was really big and pretty. Why are you laughing? I'm serious!

Attention blood type A leader, Jinyoung
Q. They say blood type As are perfections. Does that show when you're composing songs?
Jinyoung: It's a pity but it does show only when I'm working. The members always make fun of me saying that I live frivously. (laugh)

Q. The responsibility and fear of failure must be huge.
Jinyoung: I usually accept the results calmly, but because it's my first time challenging medium tempo R&B song, the pressure was huge. When I let the members listen to the guide track, they all said that it was good but some of them were worried. But so long one of them liked it, I saw hope in that.

Q. How do the members solve a difference in opinions?
Jinyoung: Since I first started composing, there are rarely any differences in opinions when the staff and members come together to discuss during a meeting. I'm very aware of the different styles the members have, so the company tends to trust me and leave the decisions up to me. In the times that there is a conflict, we listen to each other's opinions and modify it from there.

Q. As compared to when you first started composing, in what way do you feel that you've grown the most?
Jinyoung: I have learnt that I need to create music that everyone can relate to, not music that I myself like.

Q. What have you done to create music that people can relate to?
Jinyoung: I ask people that I meet about their past love lives. And I try to understand the emotions from the viewpoint of that person. After making myself out to be the most pitiful I can, I write the lyrics. (laugh)

Q. They say that blood type A men play well alone, do you agree?
Jinyoung: There are times that I am comfortable being alone but I usually like being around people. I get lonely easily so ever since I was young I would bring my friends home.
Ceci: So living in a dormitory is right for you.
Jinyoung: I am really happy whenever the members welcome me back home after I finish filming my movie or drama alone.
Ceci: Do they monitor (the drama/movie)?
Jinyoung: We watched the drama and movie together. Even though I was so embarrassed I couldn't lift up my head.

Q. There are many things that you've probably had to give up. Do you feel that it's unfair?
Jinyoung: When I started working (as an idol), I made a firm resolution so I have no regrets. I've always liked to live busily. The holiday that you get after being so busy is as sweet as honey.

Q. Your current roomate is Sandeul. Are you satisfied?
Jinyoung: I am very satisfied. I think I will cause trouble for the neater members if I roomed with them. It's better to use the same room with people who are messy. (laugh)

Q. Please reveal an episode with Sandeul in the dormitory.
Jinyoung: Sandeul keeps spoiling things in the dormitory. (laugh) I was gonna nag at him for spoiling the door knob of the toilet, but he was so cute sitting there looking pitiful so I just let it go.

Q. I heard that you guys have been into betting on different things recently. Is the icon of blood type A boys the desire to win?
Jinyoung: It's crazy. Once there's a bet, no matter what it is about we seem to do better. Recently we play rock paper scissors to determine who buy coffee, and I have been winning. We also decide the arrangement of how we sit in the car by rock paper scissors.

Q. When do you like that you're a part of B1A4?
Jinyoung: Whenever I feel that I've another family in B1A4. Hence I am not lonely.

Reliable blood type A eldest hyung, CNU
Q. We heard that you're a strict hyung to your younger brothers? As expected, you're a perfectionist blood type A.
CNU: When we were trainees, I gained the habit of observing the members as the eldest. I would point out their wrongdoings and scold them too. Even though I am lacking too, but in order to be honourable when I point out their mistakes, I become harsher on myself. To the point that I wouldn't even contact my friends. To be where I am, there are things that I regret. So in the days to come, I want to become more carefree and relax myself.
Ceci: Who is the person you scolded the person?
CNU: Baro? (laugh) He cried a lot too.

Q. Maybe that's why B1A4 has a very courteous image.
CNU: We are going well through with the plan that I came up with. (laugh)
Ceci: Do you guys drink together? I cannot imagine it.
CNU: We used to think that we shouldn't drink even though we're all adults. But when we won our first ever first place last year, we gathered to have a small celebratory drink. Jinyoung and Baro are quite good at it, whereas me and Sandeul got red in our faces on our first shot. Gongchan didn't change at all.

Q. Right now you've gotten first place with Lonely, and held your second solo concert. What do you think is the biggest change to have happened to you?
CNU: When we just debuted, I was not able to express myself well. I would keep it to myself when I was having a hard time, and I couldn't express my affection for the fans. But now it has improved a lot. But this time at the concert, I unknowningly said that we've had our difficult times and caused the fans to worry. It was unlike me to have whined to the people who came to receive positive energy for us, and I regret it.

Q. If you were able to change rooms to get rid of your tired mind?
CNU: I want to try rooming with Baro. He is good at creating twists, where he is quiet and then when the timing is right he would erupt with energy. Should I say that he can control the mood of whenever he thinks we need energy?
Ceci: Cheongju men have twists to them too.
CNU: Even though I look like I move around slowly, I can surprise you too. Tenacity admist the carefreeness?

Q. I give you the chance to boast about Cheongju.
CNU: The population count in Cheongju is higher than its set count so I think it'll soon be elevated into metropolitian city status. (laugh) I look forward to that.

Q. Isn't it hard to have come so far without rest, or time to go back home often?
CNU: I see it as time invested for a brighter future. It may be difficult now, but how many people are actually able to do the things that they like as their job. I will always be thankful and think of this positively.

Warm blood type A vocal, Sandeul
Q. They say that blood type A men are cautious and scared of change.
Sandeul: I am even more so when it's regarding my vocals. I feel that I have to protect the voice that I have now through proper techniques, so I do not dare to try other things. Recently I've been changing bit by bit. I would hum along to rap – that is something I can never think of doing in the past.

Q. You getting accepting the musical department of Myongji University is a huge change.
Sandeul: I went to school today too. And I ate in the student cafeteria too. But because I didn't choose my schedule correctly, I haven't been able to meet my fellow freshmen yet. (laugh) They told me that I have to include more modules from my major so I had to remove my liberal arts module of bowling. Ah, I really wanted to do it!
Ceci: Do people recognize you?
Sandeul: I greeted everyone at a gathering where everyone from school went. "Hello! I am Lee! Jung! Hwan! from the 14th class of Myongji University's musical department!" Do they call this it an FM? But unconsciously I shouted out Lee Sandeul [T/N: Instead of his real name, Lee Junghwan] so it was really awkward.

Q. Are you easy to wake up in the mornings? I recommend that you do not choose classes in the first hour of school.
Sandeul: I'm the first to wake up whenever manager hyung wakes us up. When I was young, I had really bad sleeping habits. I would walk around as if I was sleepwalking, and when it was summer time I would lie on the cooling floor at the entrance of my home and hug a shoe to sleep. (laugh)

Q. What is nice about living amongst men?
Sandeul: The fact that I can wake up from sleep and ask the members if they want to go bowling. Jinyoung hyung's skills are improving day by day. I have to practice more. Me and Gongchan played until 4am in the morning, holding a bet to see who would pay for drinks and the game.

Q. They say men with blood type A are perfectionists – do you agree?
Sandeul: I want to be a perfectionist. But I have to admit that I am very unfocused. When I get calm, people start misunderstanding that I am angry. When I'm completely focused, it's a moment of 'Gungsuh font' [T/N: Koreans use this expression to express seriousness, because text with a serious note is usually typed in Gungsuh font].

Q. Men with blod type A are warm and caring. How are you when you date?
Sandeul: I liked planning and doing events in the past. But the problem was that it never happened according to my wishes. People from Busan are very impatient. I should learn how to wait for a little while, since I prepared it so painstakingly.

Q. They say that men with blood type A play well alone.
Sandeul: I really like spending time alone. I even ask myself questions out loud, like 'what are you doing now?'. (laugh) If I do that, my thoughts are sorted out and my stress is relieved.

Q. Even so, what is good about being with B1A4?
Sandeul: There are many. The reason that I'm able to sing on the stage I've always wanted to is because of 'B1A4'. I can also meet the fans because of B1A4. I'm always thankful, and they're always reliable.

Mature blood type A maknae, Gongchan
Q. Just like a typical blood type A, you're the most mature despite being the youngest.
Gongchan: I am the eldest at home, with a younger brother still in high school. If something is not in place, I fix it immediately. But I think something has changed too. Initially I had no aegyo, but I started doing aegyo to the hyungs.

Q. Since you're neat, you must be a very popular target for roommates.
Gongchan: I like rooming with CNU hyung because both of us are very neat. We thought that if we put Sandeul hyung and Jinyoung hyung in the same room, they would realize (how messy they were) but there's nothing we can do about that. (laugh)

Q. What is the biggest breakaway you've had as the eldest son?
Gongchan: When I was in my fourth year of elementary school, I skipped academy classes and played games in a stationery store. I got scolded by my mother for that. I remember defying my mother so I was chased out of the house without clothes. (laugh)

Q. Are you a perfectionist, like blood type As are?
Gongchan: If I start doing something, I would see to the end of it. I had to perform a stunt on a diving program whereby I had to jump backwards, fold my body into half and plunge straight into the water. I was really scared but I held it in and practiced everyday, eventually getting first place. Maybe it's also because I have a desire to win.

Q. We also hear that when you get your hair and makeup done in the mornings, you don't take the elevator but use the stairs instead?
Gongchan: I'm impatient. I always want to get things over and done with quickly, so it's comfortable to get my makeup and hair done first then rest.

Q. We hear that you take pictures all alone. What pictures have you taken recently?
Gongchan: (I took pictures) at a BBQ party with the hyungs during the filming of a Japanese variety program. I want to learn more slowly, and work hard at taking pictures to show them to the fans in future. It'll be interesting to start up a blog too.

Q. Isn't it tiring to live so busily?
Gongchan: I like that we're able to meet the fans often. On the contrary, I feel empty on days that we have no schedules. We either stay at home or go to the practice room on our rest days.
Ceci: Oh so you're a warm oppa to your fans.
Gongchan: I'm very thankful to the fans who come from the countrysides and even from overseas.

Q. There are always many people around you. What do you think is good that you have the hyungs with you?
Gongchan: Me gaining a new family. I've always thought it would be nice to have an elder brother or sister. It feels very reliable to have 4 more elder brothers.
Ceci: The hyung you can rely the most on?
Gongchan: Sandeul hyung. I'm most comfortable with him, and he always matches up to me.

Q. You've spent quite a lot of time with the hyungs.
Gongchan: There are times that I'm surprised when the juniors greet us at music broadcasts. (laugh) But together with the hyungs, we always look back and review our beginners' mindset. In the days to come, I want to go all the way like we are doing right now.

Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and translator.


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