– Congratulations on achieving first place in Korea. But have there been any other times you got first place outside of B1A4?
Jinyoung: Yes. I came in first place for Korean language during my school days!
CNU: In sporting events. When I was young, I got first in taekwondo and running.
Sandeul: I’ve gotten first in taekwondo, running and inline-skating too.
Baro: This is after I became part of B1A4, but I got first place in running during the idol athletics championship.
Gongchan: I got first place in the chin-up competition during a sports festival in elementary school.

– After this, what do you wish to be first place for aside music?
Jinyoung: First place for the group that “the more you see, the more you have a good feeling towards”.
CNU: Oh, that’s good~ I want to be that too!
Sandeul: First place for the man you’d like to spend Christmas with! Isn’t that even better?
Baro: Just once will do – I want to be first place for a man that men think is charming!
Gongchan: In that case, I want to be first place for the man that mothers want as their son-in-law. (laugh)

Rank the members! The ranking of the warm-hearted men who seem like they will best understand a woman!
1st place – CNU: He seems like he’ll be able to understand and listen to a girl’s troubles.
2nd place – Jinyoung: He will be able to give advice to the other party’s troubles.
3rd place – Gongchan: He knows people’s minds well.
4th place – Baro: He has no interest (in the girl).
5th place – Sandeul: He’s not the type to catch on quickly.

1st place – Gongchan: He catches on quickly so he’ll probably be able to understand the thoughts of girls too.
2nd place – Baro: He’s usually pretty good at giving people advice.
3rd place – CNU: Just because (laugh).
4th place – Jinyoung: No matter how hard he tries, he just doesn’t seem to know girls.
5th place – Sandeul: He is too cool about everything so I think he won’t be able to understand (girls).

1st place – Sandeul: I have a warm heart and I understand women’s minds!
2nd place – Baro: He’ll lead the conversation and give them advice.
3rd place – Jinyoung: He’ll be able to divert their minds through a thoughtful conversation.
4th place – CNU: He’ll be surprisingly thoughtful to women.
5th place – Gongchan: He’ll be very quiet when he’s with a girl.

1st place – Baro: I know better than anyone else the mannerisms regarding women.
2nd place – Gongchan: Somehow he knows the mannerisms.
3rd place – Jinyoung: The girl’s mind will get relaxed when he speaks with a gentle voice.
4th place – CNU: He’s the type to cut in (when a girl is talking), so he might hurt the girl.
5th place – Sandeul: He seems to not know anything at all.

1st place – Jinyoung: The girl will open her heart up if he uses his warm gaze and gentle soft voice.
2nd place – Baro: Actually I think he’ll best be able to understand a girl’s heart.
3rd place – CNU: He’s too clean cut so I think he will be disqualified.
4th place – Gongchan: He may be considerate but I think he still does not understand a woman’s mind.
5th place – Sandeul: He’ll probably only talk about himself.

Rank the members! The ranking of which member you would most like as your wife if they were women.
1st place – CNU: He is good at cooking, cleaning and household chores. He’s quite conscious about energy-saving.
2nd place – Gongchan: He will match up to his husband’s pace.
3rd place – Jinyoung: Life will be enjoyable.
4th place – Sandeul: Even though he has amazing aegyo…
5th place – Baro: There will be times he does not give you enough attention.

1st place – Gongchan: He will be a good pillar of support to his husband.
2nd place – Baro: He will take good care of his family.
3rd place – Sandeul: He works hard in everything he does.
4th place – Jinyoung: I think he’ll be caught in a fight with his mother-in-law.
5th place – CNU: I don’t know.

1st place – Gongchan: He will attend to any troubles quietly, even if the wife doesn’t mention it.
2nd place – Jinyoung: He will brighten up the family with his positivity.
3rd place – Sandeul: He will pay good attention to both the husband and mother-in-law.
4th place – Baro: He might occassionally do his household chores carelessly.
5th place – CNU: He will stick to his rules so that may cause some trouble.

1st place – CNU: He’s clean so he’ll receive compliments from his mother-in-law.
2nd place – Baro: His consideration for his family is no joke!
3rd place – Gongchan: A wife who will receive a lot of love.
4th place – Sandeul: His pleasant personality will make sure he is not disliked despite making mistakes.
5th place – Jinyoung: He forgets where he puts his things quickly so his family will probably suffer.

1st place – CNU: He is good at both cooking and cleaning.
2nd place – Gongchan: He (or rather, she) will do a lot of aegyo to the husband.
3rd place – Baro: They will become a happy couple with much laughter in their lives.
4th place – Jinyoung: He is not neat nor tidy so the husband will have a hard life.
5th place – Sandeul: If he becomes a girl, he won’t be able to do household chores because of his tough personality.

Rank the members! The ranking of the strongest guy who would be the scariest when he is in a real fight.

1st place – Sandeul: He likes to use his body.
2nd place – Jinyoung: I don’t like to lose.
3rd place – Gongchan: He’s the same with me.
4th place – CNU: He’s strong but lazy to move.
5th place – Baro: He’s nimble but has no stamina.

1st place – Sandeul: When he actually comes around to doing it, he does it the best.
2nd place -Gongchan: He’s gutsy.
3rd place – Jinyoung: He would usually try to talk it out, but when it doesn’t work he immediately changes?
4th place – Baro: (laughs)
5th place – CNU: I’m into pacifism.

1st place – Jinyoung: He hates losing, and he’s also strong.
2nd place – Sandeul: I also hate losing, as much as Jinyoung hyung does.
3rd place – Gongchan: His want to win is strong, and he’s the type to charge straight at people.
4th place – Baro: His body is strong but it’s a waste for him to use his stamina.
5th place – CNU: His body is totally strong but I think he does not want to fight.

1st place – CNU: He hates fighting, but he has strength in his arm and his body is also big.
2nd place – Jinyoung: He used to do boxing so he’s more nimble than expected.
3rd place – Gongchan: He’s gutsy so he will fight until the end.
4th place – Sandeul: I think he’ll probably run away immediately (laugh).
5th place – Baro: I hate getting injured, and I hate fighting too.

1st place – Sandeul: When he starts doing an exercise that uses his body, or a game, no one can stop him.
2nd place – Gongchan: He has stamina that does not lose out to Sandeul.
3rd place – Jinyoung: When he sets his mind to it, he will fight to the end.
4th place – CNU: Even though he’s slow when he moves, he’s fast when need be. That’s probably 3 times in a year though (laugh).
5th place – Baro: He’s the type who will not fight.

Rank the members! The ranking of the guy who acts most like a baby.

1st place – Gongchan: Even though he looks very mature, he’s still the maknae.
2nd place – CNU: There are times where he acts like a baby.
3rd place – Jinyoung: I don’t mind looking as if I’m acting like a baby.
4th place – Baro: When he plays, he becomes a joker who acts like a baby.
5th place – Sadneul: Even though he likes to joke around, he doesn’t act like a baby. Surprisingly the most mature amongst the members.

1st place – CNU: I am being honest (laugh).
2nd place – Jinyoung: He’s quite similar to me, but since he’s the leader…
3rd place – Sandeul: He may look like he’d act like a baby but he’s not like that in real life.
4th place – Baro: He has the eldest soon feel.
5th place – Gongchan: He’s very mature.

1st place – CNU: He may look wild but he inwardly acts like a baby to the younger members.
2nd place – Jinyoung: My favourite expression of Jinyoung hyung is when he acts like a baby while saying “massage for me~”. Whenever he says that with that expression, I do it for him (laugh).
3rd place – Gongchan: I treat him cutely because he’s the maknae, but he’s actually very mature.
4th place – Baro: Instead of saying he acts like a baby, should I say that he’s very cheerful?
5th place – Sandeul: I act like a baby when I’m off my guard.

1st place – CNU: He is cuter than everyone imagines him to be. He acts like a baby by saying “let’s eat ddeokbokki~”.
2nd place – Sandeul: He acts like a baby, asking for the impossible.
3rd place – Gongchan: He acts like a baby when he avoids our tickling or when we hold onto him and not let him go.
4th place – Baro: He only acts like a baby when necessary.
5th place – Jinyoung: He acts like a baby very occasionally.

1st place – Sandeul: Obviously!
2nd place – CNU: He has a side to him that the fans are unaware of.
3rd place – Jinyoung: Occasionally he has an explosion of cuteness.
4th place – Gongchan: I’m… normal?
5th place – Baro: He really does not act like a baby.

Source: beautifulday.kr
Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and translator.


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