[Trans] 130622 B1A4 – MYOJO MAGAZINE AUGUST 2013

Q. What moved your heart the most in the recent months?
Jinyoung: Getting first place on Music Core. We all cried like crazy after the performance. We also kept talking as we looked back on the things so far.
CNU: I felt that I dug up a lot of my feelings inside of me as we prepared the album.
Sandeul: I got to know someone by the name of Heewon through a volunteering experience. He said that it was enjoyable thanks to us.. To think that our music actually helps someone – I was really touched.
Baro: The moment we arrived at our fansign location, the fans started singing us a congratulatory song for our first place.
Gongchan: Not long ago Sandeul hyung gifted me perfume on my coming-of-age day. He said he personally went to purchase it so no matter where I am, I am always using it.

Q. If you had to ask of something from a fellow member?
Jinyoung: Gongchan! If there is something on, stop keeping it to yourself and say it out! Whenever you’re in pain or having some troubles, don’t hurt alone in fear of making us worry..
CNU: To everyone! Please eat slowly. This is not to match my speed, but for the sake of your healths!
Sandeul: Gongchan! Let’s go take photographs together next time! I’ll teach you how! Believe in me!
Baro: Gongchan! Let me shower first – just once is good enough! Looking at the speed he removes his clothes and rushes to the shower once we get home, it’s something I can’t follow up with no matter how hard I try. (cry)
Gongchan: What’s happening? B1A4 is going to clean up the house. Are they really going to? (laugh)

Q. A recent event that made you go “what’s happening!”?
Jinyoung: I woke up and was brushing my teeth one day when I felt that something was wrong. I took a look at the toothbrush and it was Gongchan’s! I immediately rinsed my mouth.
CNU: Getting first place on Music Core! I really.. really cried a lot.
Sandeul: I bought clothes via the Internet but the size was too small. So I gave it to Gongchan and because he said “thank you!” I ended up saying “it’s okay you can pay me later”. (laugh)
Baro: A fan came to our fansign and the moment she saw us she started crying. She was an older fan and it was really cute. ♥
Gongchan: I was in the elevator at our dorm. The person who took the elevator with me alighted at the same level and followed me all the way to the door. It was weird so when I turned back to check, I actually got off one level below. (laugh) So I just quietly greeted that person and climbed up the stairs.

Q. A memory of a party?
Jinyoung: The party that we had with our staffs after we got our rookie award! Maybe it’s because I cried, but it was an unforgettable moment.
CNU: The party we had amongst the 5 of us when we returned to the practice room after our debut stage!
Sandeul: The congratulatory party with the members in the hotel room after getting our rookie award!
Baro: My birthday last year that was spent in Japan. I was preparing for the concert in the practice room with the members and staff. Suddenly the lights in the room went off and the members came in holding a cake and congratulated me.. I was really touched.
Gongchan: The day before I left my home to debut, my friends threw a party in hopes I’ll have good results. After playing excitedly, we promised each other as we sang Ahn Jaewook’s Friend at the end. That we would have a party in future too. That day I kept crying as I went home.

Q. Important point to note when B1A4 is having a party?
Jinyoung: Let’s all have fun! All of us like meat a lot, so the mood will be improved if we had a beef party.
CNU: Let’s not think of anything, and concentrate on enjoying! It’s good manner to forget everything and enjoy the party.
Sandeul: So long we are excited and enjoying ourselves, then the party is a success!
Baro: Improving the mood with music! I want to enjoy while turning on electronic music.
Gongchan: Celebrating with the people precious to me! I want to talk while eating meat and having a campfire amongst the 5 of us.

Source: beautifulday.kr
Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and translator.


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