Q: Hasn’t your sexiness levels been increasing recently?
Sandeul: I have confidence regarding that. After I got a brighter hair color I am often told that.
CNU: Me too. Recently, I feel that my reflection on a mirror or window, as I walk past it, looks sexy.
Baro: That’s because the balance in CNU hyung’s body is good. Jinyoung hyung’s eyes are sexy. The contours of Gongchan’s face are distinct – South American style. Oh? But where did it go, I do not see Sandeul’s sexiness!

Sandeul: Hold up (laugh). If we’re talking about sexy, it’s Gongchan after a shower (while he shakes his head and all the water droplets start flying)!
Gongchan: Me? When? I definitely do not do that.
Sandeul: It makes my heart go pitapat whenever I see your wet hair or your glowing wet skin… Ha.
CNU: Don’t the both of you always talk about that?
Jinyoung: And the both of you are always falling for Gongchan (laugh).
CNU: Definitely (laugh). Now that I think about it, Gongchan has flipped his hair in front of me too.
Jinyoung: I’ve been put through that too (laugh). When I looked at him, as expected… I was taken.
Gongchan: I don’t realize it. Occasionally when I look at the pictures from photoshoots, I do think so though.
CNU: You were self-aware…

Gongchan: I think everyone is sexy. When CNU hyung is dancing, Baro hyung’s voice. The chills I get when I look into Jinyoung hyung’s eyes. Sandeul hyung… Yeah.
Sandeul: Why!!
Gongchan: (Laugh) As for Sandeul hyung, occasionally he says “would you like to listen to me sing?” and starts singing right in front of me. Because he catches my eye, I feel really nervous.
Sandeul: Eh.. Ah…

Baro: I am now researching on men being sexy. As expected.. I want to make BANAs happy.
Sandeul: Eh, you are?
Baro: Yes. I am learning from Trey Songz and senior Zion.T.
Sandeul: I also like Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie music video. I learnt about sexiness from it. BANAs, let’s meet soon~!
Gongchan: Not too long ago, I watched the movie Temptation of Wolves. I was sucked into the eyes of senior Kang Dongwon. After the movie ended, I stood in front of the mirror to imitate those eyes.
Jinyoung: Everyone is so cute (laugh). The members are always thinking of BANAs. These things are only possible because there are people believing and waiting for us.
Baro: Yes! It’ll be nice if we could show off our sexy charms to everyone.

Q: What kind of girls do you think are sexy?
CNU: Recently I feel that girls who are sweating are sexy. It pulls at my heartstrings to know that she is working hard towards her goal.
Jinyoung: A hardworking girl is nice. Me too, I like how a girl looks when she’s focused. I will be taken to a girl in a cafe, with one hand holding a cup of coffee and typing something on the laptop with the other hand.
Sandeul: In terms of fashion, I like girls in shorts… And despite me being a guy, I like girls in a white think. It may not be fashionable, but my heart flutters.
Baro, Gongchan: I agree~!
Baro: Getting caught in the rain in that appearance…
Gongchan: Or when the wind blows…
Sandeul, Baro, Gongchan: Sexy~♥
CNU: Is that so? Wahahaha (laugh).
Gongchan: Also, when I am walking with a girl, I feel that the moment where I call out her name and she turns around, looks into my eye and goes “What?” as her hair flies is very sexy.
Jinyoung: That’s nice. How about you, Baro?
Baro: Like Jinyoung hyung, I also like girls who are focused. To be more specific… There is something I want to tell her so I try to catch the right timing and talk, but she’s busy reading a book so she says “tell me later!”.
Everyone but Baro: …Why?
Baro: When she’s so focused on something, to the point that I do not even matter… That is really sexy. Or when there’s some sweat on her face…
Sandeul: I really don’t know (with a serious face).
Baro: I think that is sexy.
Jinyoung, Gongchan, CNU: (shakes their heads wordlessly)

Source: http://blog.daum.net/skipfire
Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and translator.


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