[Interview] B1A4 – June 2013 Edition of Pati Pati Magazine

Q: Do you remember the first impressions you had of your members when you first met them?

Jinyoung: I remember it! Because all of us hadn’t really come up to Seoul often, the feeling of countryside boys came strongly from us. But we’ve gotten quite used to the city life since we know more about Seoul now than we did then (laughter). When everyone first saw me, didn’t you think I would be a cold person?

Baro: Yes. Jinyoung hyung’s impression still hasn’t changed. However, I’m worried because Jinyoung hyung is gradually losing weight due to his song work and drama schedules overlapping with each other. If I were to pick out something that hadn’t changed, it would be that Gongchan is as quiet as he was when we first met him, but that he still has an area that’s cute about him as expected of the youngest.

CNU: No. Gongchan became quite manly lately, so I was surprised (laughter). Since Gongchan was the youngest, I used to unconsciously warn him on various things, so I used to think “Is he scared of me?”. But I feel like he approaches me comfortably now without any of that. What do you think?

Gongchan: I was scared at first. However, I realized late on that he was sternly warning me on these things, so that I could become completely used to it. So I started thinking that CNU hyung is quite a good person (laughter). CNU hyung is a really kind and cute person.

Baro: I also thought that CNU hyung was scary at first. Sandeul too!

Jinyoung: That’s right. When we first heard about Sandeul, a company staff member told us that a really scary person with tattoos on his body would be coming! (laughter). But this innocent faced Sandeul was wearing glasses and sitting on a chair.

Sandeul: Hahaha (laughter)

Q: Then is there an episode you can talk about now from when B1A4 just debuted?

Jinyoung: Erm… We were going to the parking lot after completing a music broadcast, and our car door was opened so we immediately went inside that car. But there was another singer sitting in the car, so we carefully looked at the car and realized that it was the same type of car as us, but it was a different one. That’s why we yelled “We’re sorry!” and immediately got off (laughter).

CNU: After starting this job, our daily lives became irregular and so there used to be a lot of times where we’d finish everything and it would be bright outside once we reach the dorms. We were still young at that time, so we used to talk and play in our room even though it was bright outside after finishing our work, but the person who lives below us complained that it was loud, so we created a rule to only talk quietly when we return to the dorms. But Sandeul’s talking voice has always been loud, so we were nervous (laughter).

Gongchan: When Sandeul hyung went on our first stage, he wanted to hear the fans’ yells, so he shouted, “Are you having fun?” towards the audience, but there were around 3 no reactions, so I felt really embarrassed whenever I made eye contact with Sandeul hyung.

Sandeul: Hoohoot (embarrassed laughter). Also, we had a live music broadcast at night before, but it would be too blocked with traffic if we went in our cars, so we rode on the subway. There was a few troubles on that subway, so we would go, stop, go, then stop, which made me really nervous.

Baro: We’re always nervous when it comes to music broadcasts. Although it’s not possible to not wake the members up in the morning, all of us can’t wake up, so it takes a really long time to wake everyone up. We wanted to do something with that, so we decided that the member who woke up the earliest would be able to spray water in the face of the members who were still sleeping. Because everyone was able to wake up thanks to that, we still occasionally use this method, but I’m weak against the morning so I lose (laughter).

CNU: Ah! And because we didn’t like repeating practice every day, there was a time when we all went outside and had a snowball fight (laughter).

Q: There was a fresh era to B1A4 as well. Then what are fresh things to the 5 members?

Jinyoung: Powdered formula milk. Also, when you drink sports drinks.

CNU: To me, it would be the scent of chocolate and chocolate milk. I really liked it when I was younger, so I constantly drank it.

Sandeul: When I was younger, I went hiking with my dad often, so the natural scent of the mountains (is fresh to me). Also, the banana milk you drink right after coming out of the shower. This is the best (laughter)!!

Baro: I would also say a mountain. Or the scent of the wind that makes your nose feel fresh when you breathe in. Or the shikhye (sweetened traditional rice drink) that you drink early in the morning when you still aren’t completely awake.

Gongchan: The scent of laundry detergent. When I was younger, my mom would wash the clothes that would get dirty after I played in dirt, and I still can’t forget the scent of the detergent from then.

Q: Then how did you befriend new friends during your school days or even for B1A4?

Jinyoung: Ever since I was younger, I was the type to approach someone and talk to them first. Anyone can be awkward at first, but if you be courageous and talk to them first, you can become friends.

CNU: When I was a student, I had a lot of worries about things. But because I tried to always act bright and try my best not to show those worries, I think I was able to become friends with everyone. But it was natural becoming friends with the members, because our personalities all matched from the start to the point where it’s really fascinating. We all tried to understand each other, and if there was something going on, we would resolve it through talking. I think we were able to become friends because thoughts like that fit with each other.

Sandeul: For me, I talk first to people I’m interested in and become friends. I naturally became friends with the members because we would always be practicing with each other.

Baro: Even if I look like this on the outside, I’m actually quite shy, so I can’t be the first one to start a conversation. That’s why I wasn’t able to make friends right away as a student. I’m the type that becomes with someone gradually as time passes on. But for the members, even I became friends with them the moment we met. Maybe our personalities were just that similar.

Gongchan: When I look back on my student days, there were a lot of instances were I created friends through similar hobbies such as sports, games, or music. And I was able to become friends immediately with the members, because we shared a lot of experiences ever since our trainee days and spent time together.

Q: Something you feel fresh for girls are?

Jinyoung: Fashion. I feel freshness coming from a fashionable girl when she wears a white t-shirt and jeans, but it doesn’t seem boring.

CNU: It’s the same for me as well. I feel like they look the most fresh when they don’t over accessorize, and just wear things that are suitable to them. Like a girl who wears jeans that are very suitable to her.

Sandeul: There’s a girl who comes out often in my dreams who wears drawstring pants and a hunting cap. But although that girl came out in my dreams! she was really fresh.

Baro: A girl whose heart flutters or beats at certain things, or a girl who wears her own fashion without overdoing it!

Gongchan: What I think is a girl who has a top bun with a hoodie and jeans!

kor. to eng. trans cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans | jpn. to kor. trans ; naver ; take out with full credits


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