130400 B1A4 – Myojo Magazine’s Interview

Q: How do you spend your off days?
Jinyoung: We practice dance as much as we want to at the practice room. And I compose too. When I’ve fallen into composing alone, I don’t talk to anyone.
CNU: I’ll be at the practice room too. I feel uneasy if I do something different from what I do usually. No matter what I do, it feels like it’s more comfortable and works out better when I’m doing it at the practice room.

Q: You spend your off days in the practice room too?
Baro: We all do what we want to do in the practice room. I create raps…
Sandeul: As for me, I listen to songs from other artistes. As I listen, I take down the lyrics and try to understand the meanings and emotions behind it.
Gongchan: I’m the happiest when I spend my time doing something we like with the members.

Q: I see. In that case, what would you do if you were given a long holiday?
Jinyoung: Visiting restaurants.
CNU: I will think seriously about what I’m going to do, over a month’s time.
Gongchan: I want to go on a holiday with my family. I want to make them happy.
Sandeul: After going around to the other members’ houses, the last stop will be my house. We’ll go on a family holiday! To the hot springs.
Baro: I want to go on a holiday alone. Being happy alone, thinking alone, reading books. I want to experience many good things in different countries.

Q: Are you different when working and in private?
Sandeul: I think the fans like it the way I am, so there really isn’t a ‘switch’ for me when I work and in private.
Baro: Me too. I’m the type who lives the way I am.

Q: Tell us how the 5 of you get rid of fatigue.
Jinyoung: I listen to music. My mood improves especially when I listen to classical piano music.
Sandeul: Watching movies. I like to watch new films.
Gongchan: Sleeping while on the move. And when I listen to music or dance, I recharge my energy.
Baro: Talking to the members. Be it joking around or a conversation about serious matters. It makes me realize how precious the members are to me.
CNU: When I’m tired, I look at the information that the fans upload on their blogs etc. They’re spending precious time on B1A4. I like that so it becomes a huge source of strength to me.

Q: This may be sudden, but what are you thinking of right now?
Jinyoung: Recently, there have been many news of famous artistes like Justin Timberlake. I want to listen to them soon.
CNU: Not too long ago, I ordered a laptop for song composition. I hope it comes quickly.
Baro: We’re preparing our new song so the thought of being able to meet our fans soon…! Makes my heart go dugeun dugeun!
Gongchan: About my weight. In a long while I managed to gain a little weight but the members said they wanted me to gain more. I will work hard to gain weight!
Sandeul: Um.. That you can anticipate my gradually improving fashion sense.. That sort of stuff (laugh)..

Q: Lastly, please tell us about an unexpected side to each of you.
Jinyoung: Everyone probably thinks that CNU is slow, but CNU driven into a corner is really fast!
CNU: Recently Gongchan is eating really well! He eats even more than Sandeul.
Gongchan: Huhu (laugh) CNU hyung is reliable like an adult, even though he doesn’t really show it usually.
Baro: You are like so too. Everyone knows that even though Gongchan looks cool, he takes care of the members well and has a gentle personality, right? It’s not just that. He is a child more considerate than you can imagine. He’s always thinking about his grandmother and his family. And even though he does not show that he feels lonely, his heart is really sad. Occasionally… There are times that he lets all of that out.
Sandeul: Since the members have revealed each other’s secrets, I will reveal my own secret to everyone. Actually I… am really good at sports!.. Why, what’s with that look? You’re suspicious right? It’s real. Everyone, please believe me!

Source: http://beautifulday.kr
Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and translator.


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