Onew’s twitter conversation 120724

Onew’s twitter update 120724

@skehehdanfdldi: Just give up

@/heydayvak: @skehehdanfdldi never give up
@skehehdanfdldi: @/heydayvak Miss Crane?
@/heydayvak: @skehehdanfdldi Mister Butt Side?
@skehehdanfdldi: @heydayvak Oh my!
@heydayvak: @skehehdanfdldi Oite yo baby Mister Lee Jinki! (T/N: Oite yo baby is a line from Seesaw.)
@skehehdanfdldi: @heydayvak It feels like I’m riding an amazing seesaw
@heydayvak: @skehehdanfdldi Cheng! Kimi wa boku no cheng cheng! (T/N: Kimi wa boku is a line from To Your Heart. Cheng is a ringing sound like ding?)
@skehehdanfdldi: @heydayvak sa
@heydayvak: @skehehdanfdldi Cheng cheng! Where’s the concert version of To To To Your Heart
@skehehdanfdldi: @heydayvak It’s only up to princess sa (T/N: Kimi wa boku no princess sa is the full line from To Your Heart.)

@/mushroom486: @skehehdanfdldi What’s this? Pogi is used when you make kimchi. (T/N: Pogi means quit/giveup. Pogi can also mean head of the cabbage.)
@skehehdanfdldi: @mushroom486 who said I was making kimchi
@mushroom486: @skehehdanfdldi it’s hot so I’m exploding with wit~~~~
@skehehdanfdldi: @mushroom486 samchi is good too (T/N: Samchi is a type of mackerel.)

cr: shiningtweets


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