B1A4 – Junon Mag April Issue (trans)

Q1. Place of birth?
Jinyoung – Choongcheongbuk-do, Choongjoo.
CNU: I’m also from Choongcheongbuk-do, Cheongju. But I’ve since moved to where Jinyoung is from, Choongjoo. We’re not in the same neighbourhood though (laugh).
Sandeul: I’m from Busan’s Hanggu-do.
Baro: I’m from Kwangju, in the south part of Korea.
Gongchan: I’m also from the south part of Korea, Suncheon.

Q2. Who makes up your family?
Jinyoung: My parents and an elder sister of 2 years.
CNU: My parents, an elder siser of 5 years, and an 11-year old dog Malkeumie.
Sandeul: My parents and an elder sister of 2 years.
Baro: My parents and a younger sister of 4 years. My house has a pet dog too.
Gongchan: My parents and a younger brother who is 13 years old.

Q3. Between your parents, who do you resemble?
Jinyoung: I look more like my mother.
CNU: My face shape is like my father’s whereas my facial features are like my mother’s.
Sandeul: My mother, my sister and I are like carbon copies (laugh).
Baro: I look a lot like my father.
Gongchan: Half-half. My upper half is similar to my mother, my lower half is similar to my father.

Q4. Your dream when you were young?
Jinyoung: A singer and actor. I went up to Seoul twice a week to take singing and acting lessons. I managed to snag some roles in CFs and dramas.
CNU: A singer. My mother was a trot singer and my sister did pansori. I thought that it was only natural for me to be a singer. I was the vocal in a band during my school days.
Sandeul: A singer. It was during middle scool that I really set my heart into doing it.
Baro: I vaguely remember saying I want to be a movie actor. I challenged acting in the music video, adnd it was hard.
Gongchan: I wanted to be a scientist! I felt that it would be really cool to have an occupation that would let you invent new things. Or maybee it’s also because I did well in both math and science.

Q5. How did you enter the entertainment industry?
CNU: Sandeul and I joined singing festivals. Baro and Gongchan got their chances to audition through their photographs uploaded on the Internet.
Jinyoung: I got contacted by the company after they saw a picture my middle school friend uploaded on the Internet.

Q6. For how long were you trainees?
Jinyoung: Everyone trained for about 2 to 3 years.

Q7. An artiste you like?
Jinyoung: Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am, and Lee Jeok senior.
CNU: Usher.
Sandeul: Kim Yeonwoo senior and Eric Bene.
Baro: Lil Wayne.
Gongchan: Shin Seunghun senior and Jungyeop senior.

Q8. Your motto in life?
Jinyoung: To be a humble person, and not to do anything rash after realizing our dream. I always feel that we should never forget the people around us who made us what we are today, and always be thankful to the fans.
CNU – To not rationalize (or give excuses)! Because when we give excuses for our mistakes, we become a person who has no development.
Sandeul: To have no regrets. I do not want to have regrets on decisions I made.
Baro: I only live once, so I want to live it to my best. That is why I am doing my best in everything I do.
Gongchan: To never forget to have the heart of a beginner.

Q9. Your favourite Japanese phrase?
Jinyoung: I love you.
CNU: I like you.
Sandeul: I ate.
Baro: Blonde pretty boy.
Gongchan: Douzo. [T/N: There are many meanings to this word.]

Q10. How do you spend your off days?
Jinyoung: Other than the times we are sleeping or outside, we spend it in the practice room. When we have time, I’ll be composing in the practice room.
CNU: I spend it watching videos of foreign artistes or listening to music.
Sandeul: I sing songs, and let the other members hear.
Baro: I spend either composing with Jinyoung hyung, or making rap lyrics myself. When I want to move my body, I play games with the members.
Gongchan: Either listening to music, or practicing my expressions in the mirror.

Q11. What have you been interested in recently?
Jinyoung: Composing songs. (My songs) have been released in our albums before, but I’d like to make songs that are more all-rounded. I’ve also been into playing the guitar.
CNU: Watching live videos of both local and foreign artistes, as well as training my arm muscles. I’ve been wearing sleeveless tops so I need to take more care of my arms. I train them in the waiting room.
Sandeul: Playing with a polaroid camera, taking pictures of the members or selcas. It has a hugely different charm from digital cameras.
Baro: In order to make rap, I listen to both local and foreign artistes’ music, or monitor our performance. I want people to go “oh, it’s B1A4’s Baro!” after listening to my rap.
Gongchan: I also monitor performances of both local and foreign artistes, and because I am often hearing that I lost weight, I have a project to put on weight.

Q12. Your fashion style?
Jinyoung: Simple. I look good in shirts. I also don’t forget to wear a watch.
CNU: Often I just wear a t-shirt and jeans. I also like to wear caps. I like hip-hop style.
Sandeul: On terms of color, I like blue and white. Even though I don’t really wear hats, I like beanies with pom-pons.
Baro: Semi hip-hop style. I will always match my caps to my outfit that day.
Gongchan: A simple t-shirt and jeans getup. I like to wear training suits too.

Q13. Type of females you like?
Jinyoung: Someone who only thinks of me, and is kind-hearted.
CNU: An intelligent and wide-hearted lady who is like a mother.
Sandeul: A person who takes responsibilities in the things she is entrusted; be it studying or work.
Baro: Someone who I can communicate well with, and cute.
Gongchan: A person who has a very cool personality usually but shows a lot of aegyo to me.

Q14. What do you like to see on a female?
Jinyoung: Feminine style.
CNU: Rather than an eye-catching outfit, a pleasantly simple well-fitted outfit.
Sandeul: Anything is fine so long it matches her well.
Baro: Cute style.
Gongchan: Cute, and feminine style.

Q15. Where do you look first when you meet a woman for the first time?
Jinyoung, Sandeul, Baro, Gongchan: Eyes.
CNU: Face (The feel starts from the face)

Q16. An action from a lady that moves your heart?
Jinyoung: When they look out of the side of their eyes.
CNU: When they take care of the most trivial things.
Sandeul: When they are concentrated on doing something.
Baro: When they smile brightly.
Gongchan: When they speak with a lot of aegyo.

Q17. A Korean food you would like recommend?
Jinyoung: Large and small intestines. You’ll be addicted after you eat it for the first time.
CNU: Samgyupsal. I think it’s the most delicious food amongst all the foods in the world.
Sandeul: Spicy chicken stew. It’s really delicious when you mix the spicy seasoning with rice.
Baro: Conch shells (or whelks) on thin noodles. We occasionally make and eat it in the dormitory, the spicy and refreshing taste is the best.
Gongchan: Kimchi jjigae! The kimchi jjigae that Jinyoung hyung makes is especially delicious.

Q18. Japanese food you’d like to eat?
Jinyoung: Okonomiyaki
CNU: Ramen.
Sandeul: Sticky rice balls
Baro: Sushi, takoyaki
Gongchan: Yakitori, sticky rice balls, sushi, ramen, udon

Q19. What gets you in a bunch?
Jinyoung: I can’t touch a baby’s face or be near it.
CNU: To move around quickly.
Sandeul: When I’m forced to only look at delicious look when I’m hungry.
Baro: Catching bugs.
Gongchan: High places and bungee jumping.

Q20. What do you want to do this year?
Jinyoung: Making music with the artistes I respect.
CNU: Be 1st on music programs.
Sandel: Be 1st on music programs, and learn various instruments.
Baro: I want to hold a concert.
Gongchan: I want to receive the rookie award in Japan too.

Source: beautiful day.kr, CAPTAIN! FLIGHTB1A4.com
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
via aviateb1a4


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