B1A4 Sandeul Facts



+ Lee Jung Hwan is his name in real life, after in stage, it become Sandeul.

+ Named as ‘sandeul’ coz of his image portrays a light breeze.

+ has 178cm tall and 62kg make him into the 3rd as a tallest boy in group.

+ Wears a High dosage glasses before Debut.

+ is from Kyungnam Busan

+ is the happiest when he sing 

+ Known for his Cute Eye Smiles

+ Likes Swimming

+ Likes to Cook

+ Dreams to be a singer since Childhood

+ Fans Call him “BunnyDeul” for resembling a cute Bunny

+ Nickname: Psyduck

+ Has a cute loud-laugh-style

+ O.K’s main choreography derives from Sandeul’s name.

+ he gives off 100% of a refreshing feeling as an innocent boy and often gets overly excited sometimes.

+ showing a cute but ditsy character when playing the card game Mafia with the members.

+ Sandeul worked especially hard in dieting before his debut.

+ During his trainee time, he was chubby

+ he’s scared of knives

+ he has no plans to have them held against his face

+ He really didn’t get plastic surgery !

+ He wear contact lenses right now.

+ Sandeul is a natural beauty

+ An essential item to Sandeul is none other than his glasses with strong dosage but whichever image he portrays, he owns overflowing charms.

+ He’s good in Trot Song! He won ‘2010 Korea Youth Song Festival’ daesang award.

+ Sandeul is gifted with an explosive voice

+ The first member who appeared on worldwide trending topic twitter

+ He sang Park Hyoshin’s “Because I’m A Common Man” in some radio appearance

+ He’s b1a4’s ‘power vocal’

+ He was the last to be added to the team

+ Has one sister

+ dream to create his own singing tone called “Sandeul Tone”

+ His fav song in “let’s fly” is ‘ONLY ONE’ and ‘Only Learnt The Bad Things’

+ usually sings in gentle style

+ usually listen to sad songs too

when he’s happy he listen to sad songs and when he’s sad, he listen to sadder songs.

+ have mainly only had crushes ( do u want to be his 1st love? LOL~)

+ has participated in many singing competitions and swept away 20 awards

+ Sandeul video cover of Park Hyoshin ‘Because I Am A Common Man’ on MBC Radio ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa’ was spread worldwide through Youtube.

+ his hobby is to watch movies, and he also like animations.

+ His speciality is cooking self-created dishes (He make soy sauce rice the same way as vegetable pancake, then spread chilli sauce over it and eat it)

+ He’s also good at history, state affairs, korean medieval history.

+ He like the phrase ‘sukidesu’ in japanese.

+ he want to tour the houses in Japan

+ If they could have a psychic power,Sandeul wanna have the powers to go through walls, teleport or become invisible.

+ He’s the shortest in the team but he have the longest legs.

+ He loves Luffy from ‘One Piece’ coz they’ve long hands!

+ His ideal girl is A woman who gives all her best in her work.


“My dream since I was younger was to be a professor for applied music. Listening to songs from Eric Benet, Kim Yeonwoo senior, Park Hyoshin senior, and god senior have raised my dreams of becoming a musician. One day, if I were given the opportunity to have a joint stage with them…I will work hard in order for this to happen.”

‘Let’s all work harder and put our effort in to become a more amazing B1A4 in the future!!’ -orange Sandeul-

“Although we get nervous each time we step on stage, we shout ‘Let’s Fly! B1A4!’ together loudly and go onto stage with the mindset of doing it in a ‘fun and exciting’ manner. That way, we can release all the energy within us.”

“My mind is only filled with ‘singing’ now so I think it will be a month filled with practicing my singing. Recently, I keep having thoughts on ‘how can I perform better on stage?’. I will continue to work hard to produce a stage that would amaze people.” 

source: junior magazine’s interview, and other researches

cr: iceprinceafterschool at FLIGHTB1A4 and AVIATEB1A4


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