B1A4 CNU facts



+ Nickname Pooh

+ Shin Dong Woo is his real name

+ B1A4’s mom Also good in cooking.

+ born at 16 June 1991

+ Has good body with 182cm tall and 64kg weight

+ Knows the Sports Taekwondo

+ Famous for his Long Hair

+ International Fans Call Him ChickenNU for he resembles a cute Chicken

+ The Tallest among the Group Has Small face, broad shoulders

+ Known as the smiling boy who has a perfectly proportioned body along with a pretty smile

+ his actions being aloof and being alike Pooh Bear in the sense that his actions seem always at ease

+ he normally enjoys a simple t-shirt and jeans in his fashion style

+ has one older sister

+ she’s the one who picks and buys his clothes for him.

+ The only greed he has which causes him to splurge his own money for is music CDs

+ once you get to know him, he has a lot of thoughts and affection

+ Sensitive boy

+ going trough continuous choreography practices or vocal trainings wasn’t his hardship, but missing his friends and family were it

+ CNU is from Choong-book

+ Cried after their first debut stage.

+ he showed slight~ tears while showering in the bathroom

+ CNU’s honest side of being true to his emotions

+ Raising dreams of becoming a singer since he was younger

+ Usher is his role model

+ he will have a live full band session on stage in showing a strong but sexy rock stage like he did during his school days when B1A4 is able to hold their own solo concert under their name solely.

+ Shinwoo has excellent groove and rythmn

+ The name ‘CNU’, meaning ‘a dependable and sweet-natured friend’, came about after consulting his fellow members.

+ like basketball and soccer but not god at ball games

+ enjoys sports, dancing and singing

+ his mother loved music.

+ have had experience performing in a band when he was in school

+ was an unfriendly kid who didn’t show his emotions

+ gained a lot of hands-on experience by performing along the streets of Hongdae.

+ he also participating in various singing competitions.

+ called as a ‘multiplayer’ member, coz he can sing, rap, and also B1A4’s dance machine ! xDD

+ hit the actress in their OK MV with the basketball (by accident)

+ Shinwoo is very slow, and drags the most time when he needs to prepare. He speaks slowly, and his actions are slow too (from Jinyoung statement) LOL~

+ His fav japanese singer are Anzen Chitai (安全地帯)’s Tamaki Koji (玉置浩二)

+ like the song ‘Up To You’ by Chris Brown and listen to it recently.

+ If they could have a psychic power,CNU wanna have the power to know what a person is thinking.

+ He have broad shoulders, pretty feet, and a small face~but manly indeed.

+ He meticulous look after the members. That’s why everyone says he’s like a mother.

+ He likes sanji from ‘One Piece’

+ His ideal girl is a woman that has a big heart and takes care of people like a mother.  


“The important thing is to not lose your rookie state-of-mind. No matter how much you succeed, if you lose your heart then there’s no meaning is what I think. I don’t want to become a person who can’t stand proudly in front of the family and fans who are looking out for me.”

‘Just like how we’ve come up to this point, let’s work harder and fly really high! Let’s fly together forever. Let’s Fly!!’ -watermelon cnu-

“I want to be an all-rounded entertainer. I want to be able to say ‘I am the multiplayer CNUwho can since, rap and dance’ when I introduce myself in future. Since I am lacking in many areas now, I will work hard, hoping that the day I can introduce myself this way is not far away.” 


“My dream of becoming a singer never once faltered. When I was young, I liked to dance and sing. I listened to Usher’s songs a lot while dreaming of what I want to be. I wanted to become a singer that could have fun with the audience through lively expressions.” 

“I will work harder so please continue to support me. I really love you!” 


source: junior magazine’s interview, and other researches
cr: iceprinceafterschool at FLIGHTB1A4 and AVIATEB1A4


One thought on “B1A4 CNU facts

  1. I really like CNU oppa.he is the most adorable one in the band I think. I really like his smile and his hair.his looks make me really crazy (sigh).Saranghaeyo CNU oppa .

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